Roller Coasters - Shake Rattle and Roll

Front Cover of Roller Coasters
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64 pages, over 100 glossy photographs.
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Ever wondered when Roller Coasters were invented? Who were the pioneer designers who created these terrifying contraptions?

For the first time, the story of the Big Dippers in the UK is told in a book packed with nostalgic photos of such classic rides as the Bobs at Manchester's Belle Vue, the Southend Kursaal's Cyclone, the Grand National, Big Dipper and Roller Coaster at Blackpool - and the Battersea Big Dipper that eventually had to be scrapped after a fatal accident in 1972.

Not strictly a Yorkshire book, but a truly fascinating glimpse at a previously unrecorded piece of social and engineering history. Also includes the history of Water Chutes!