These are the current Freedom of Information Lines to Take (LTT) documents as of 10th March 2016. The ICO directed me to an archive of the LTTs from 2012, a list of the LTTs that have been withdrawn before 2015 and before March 2016, and updated LTTs where they have changed since 2012. (There have been no new FOI LTTs.) I have indexed and summarised them below. These constitute current copies of all the LTTs; results from the Government’s archive website are confirmed as current. Where a FOI number has a * that indicates that this LTT has been updated since 2012 and the link is therefore to a PDF or a .DOCX. Where a LTT number is missing, that LTT has been withdrawn. The ICO are in the process of eradicating LTTs as they place the guidance they contain, into public guidance documents.

NB: LTT 146 and LTT 215 as supplied to me originally had formatting errors that made them unreadable; the ICO has since provided a readable copy.

LTT FOI/EIR Section / Regulation Title
1 EIR reg 8(3), reg 8(4) Reasonable amount of charges under the EIRs
3 FOI S1 Information deleted after request
7 EIR Reg 2 Town and Country Planning Act 1990
9 FOI S16 S50 Issues not raised by complainant
11 FOI & EIR S3 reg 2 District Auditors
16 FOI S43 Prejudice to contractual relations
18 FOI S44 Financial Services and Markets Act 2000
19 FOI S30 Applicability of section 30(1) (Investigations and proceedings conducted by public authorities)
20 FOI S2, S30(1) Public interest factors for s30
21 FOI & EIR S50 reg 18 Exemptions and exceptions not claimed by a public authority
22 FOI S21, S32 Accessibility of court records
23 FOI S44 Police Act 1996
*25 FOI S22, S19 Inspection as a form of publication
26 FOI S21 Reasonably accessible information and publication schemes
27 FOI S21 Audit Commission Act 1998
29 FOI S1, S10, S17, S50(4) Finding in breach of sections 1, 10 or 17
30 FOI S31 Disclosure of vehicle identification numbers
33 EIR r12(6), r12(5)(a) Duty to confirm or deny in the EIR
*37 FOI S21, S41, S44 Access to medical and social care records of the deceased
45 FOI S1 Disclosure to public
55 FOI S43 Evidence from third parties
61 FOI & EIR s2(1)(b), r12(1)(b), s35, s36, r12(4)(e) Advice to Decision Makers (weighing of the public interest test)
63 FOI & EIR s17(1)(b), reg 14(3) Failure to specify an exemption/ exception on which the PA later relies
64 FOI s24, s27, 30, s31 Neither confirm nor deny
66 FOI & EIR s35, s36, Reg 12(4)(e) Minutes & agendas
67 FOI s30(1), s31 Public interest in protecting information acquired during investigations
68 FOI s24 Required for purposes of national security
70 FOI s31(1)(a) Public interest in preventing crime against individuals
71 FOI s40(2), Reg13(2) Addresses of properties
80 EIR Reg 2(1) Defining environmental information
81 FOI s31 Parking enforcement
82 EIR Reg 2(1) Any information on
83 EIR Reg 2(1) Future likely effects
84 EIR Reg 2(1) Threshold of likely to affect and may be affected
87 FOI S16, S45, Code of Practice Limits of s16
88 FOI s16, S45, code of practice Clarifying requests
*92 FOI All Time at which to apply provisions of the Act
100 FOI & EIR s30, Reg 12(5)(b) Information pre-dating an investigation
114 FOI & EIR s1(1)(a) and (b), Reg 5(1) and Reg 14(1) Assessing whether information has been communicated or made available
119 FOI & EIR s11, s21, s39, Reg2(1), Reg6, Reg12, Reg14 Inter-relation between s21 & s39 FOIA and the EIRs
122 FOI s1, Reg 2(1) Documents containing both environmental & other information
*130 FOI & EIR s35, s36, Reg 12(4)(e) ‘Chilling effect’ arguments
131 FOI & EIR s35, s36, Reg12(4)(e) Risk to the role and integrity of the Civil Service
134 FOI & EIR s27(2)&(3),Reg 12(5)(a) Realistic expectation of confidentiality under s27(2) and (3)
135 FOI & EIR s27(2), Reg 12(5)(a) Confidentiality and information “obtained from” under s27(2)
136 FOI & EIR s27(1), Reg 12(5)(a) Nature of prejudice to international relations under s27(1) (and potentially applicable to Regulation 12(5)(a))
139 FOI s30 Extent to which information referred to in court (in criminal proceedings) is in the public domain
142 FOI s16 Specifying steps in relation to advice and assistance
143 FOI & EIR s.21(1), 21(2)(a)&(b), Reg 6(1)(b) Reasonably accessible information
*146 FOI & EIR s35, s36, 12(4)(e) Public Interest Test for “raw notes” and “aide memoire notes”
150 FOI & EIR s1, s36, s40, Reg 12(4)(d) “Meta-requests” (requests about requests)
151 FOI s21 Examples where information is accepted as reasonably accessible to the applicant.
155 FOI s33, s35 Gateway Reviews are an audit function
157 EIR Reg 2 Listed Buildings
158 FOI s31(1)(g), s31(2) Functions exercised for specified purposes under section 31
162 FOI & EIR s40(2) & reg 13 Anonymising postcodes
178 EIR Reg 8(2)(b) A public authority shall not charge for allowing an applicant to inspect information
180 FOI s38 The endangerment test under s38
181 FOI s30 Information / Documents post-dating an investigation
183 FOI & EIR s50, Reg 18 Discretion to order no steps in a DN
184 FOI s44 Functions and statutory bars
187 FOI & EIR s.1(1), s.10, s.17, reg. 5(1), 5(2), 11, 14 Finding procedural breaches: gateway line
188 FOI & EIR s.10, reg.5(2) Issuing a DN in relation to information already disclosed
189 FOI & EIR s.10 / reg.5(2) Non-response cases
*190 FOI & EIR n/a Decision notices ordering the PA to reconsider the request
191 EIR Reg 11 Internal review under the EIR – issuing a DN requiring an internal review
192 FOI & EIR s.1, s.12, s.14, reg.12(4)(a),(b) and (c) Rejecting procedural exemptions / exceptions
193 FOI s1 Finding that further information is held:approach to decision notices
194 FOI s32 Applying section 32: gateway line (court docs)
195 FOI s32 What is a ‘document’ for the purposes of s32
196 FOI s32 Using a dominant purpose test under sections 32(1)(c) and 32(2)(b)
197 FOI s32 Effect of the source and the use of information on engaging s32
198 FOI S32(1) and (2) Applying s32 beyond the end of litigation / an inquiry
206 FOI & EIR s1, s3, Reg 3(1), reg 5(1) Should an executive agency be regarded as a separate public authority?
207 EIR Regs 8(1) & 8(8) Charging for environmental information: a schedule of charges is a prerequisite
208 FOI s37(1)(b) Nature of the Honours Nomination Process and the Public Interests Inherent in s37(1)(b)
210 FOI s10, s17 Time extension for public interest test – procedural breaches
*215 FOI s44 Ombudsman’s or regulator’s statutory bars
*216 FOI & EIR s3, reg 2(2) Investigating whether a body is a public authority
*217 FOI & EIR s8, s11, s43 Does a public authority have to respond to a request that would result in automatic publication of copyright material?
*225 FOI s21 Public domain: section 21 arguments
*229 FOI & EIR s35, s36(2), r12(4)(e) Record keeping arguments
*230 EIR Regs 2(2)(b)(i), 2(2)(c), 3(3) and 3(4) Coverage of the Houses of Parliament by the EIR
*233 FOI & EIR s2, s40, reg 12, 13 Effect of other means of scrutiny or regulation or access to information on the PI in disclosure
*234 FOI & EIR s2, Part II exemptions (except s23, s32, s43), reg 12, reg 13 Mosaic arguments

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