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Hello, it's [NAME] on Assisted Travel. How can I help?
Hello. Please may I book tickets and assistance for a journey?
Yes .. Can I start by taking your name please?
I am Doug Paulley [POST CODE]
Thank you. So just before I go any further I need to read a short statement how we hold passenger info. Do you agree for your personal and journey data to be held within the Passenger Assist booking system for 2 years and made available to all train operating companies and Network Rail so that they can arrange and carry out assistance on your behalf?
Thank you ... So you want to book assistance and train tickets as well?
Yes please.
Okay, can you just confirm your full address for me please?
Thank you, and email address that we send confirmation of the booking to?
Thank you. So where are you travelling from?
I am traveling from Leeds.
And where are you travelling to?
Salford Central.
And what date is it please?
27th Mar Monday.
And what time leaving Leeds?
I am leaving Leeds at 09:44 and I am returning the same day at 14:16.
Do you have any type of railcard, and is just yourself travelling please?
Just me and it's a disabled person's railcard. I need a wheelchair space please and ramps.
Okay, no problem. 9.44 journey has change at Leeds and Manchester Victoria station. Are you okay with that?
Yes, I'm fine. I'm traveling from Leeds, change Manchester Victoria.
Yes, and coming back there is change. From Salford Central, changes at Stalybridge before goes on to Leeds.
Okay, just checking fares for that one now. Just bear with me second. Okay, there is no advance tickets for that journey but tickets... I'm getting the price of the cheapest one. Off peak day return, and £13.15.
That's fine.
Okay. You need a wheelchair space, did you say?
Yes please.
Okay, outbound journey - no reserveable seats on either of them journeys.
So it would be down to the train crew to find you a seat. The only seat I'm able to book is on the return and is the last leg of the journey.
Northern Rail is non-reservable I know, but I am surprised at the Transpennine from Leeds to Manchester Victoria being non-reservable. TP Express usually is.
Yes, it's saying not able to reserve any seats on that one. The only one I can get you seats on is on the return from Stalybridge to Leeds. That only one i can get you a seat on.
One second please. I am not comfortable with not being able to book the wheelchair space form Leeds to Stalybridge, sorry from Leeds to Manchester Victoria on the outward journey. Would you mind please attempting to book the wheelchair space through Passenger Assist, or finding out why it's not bookable and attempting to sort it? If it's because both the wheelchair spaces are already full then I will have to do a different train.
Okay, I'll just check that for you now. I won't be a second... Sorry, won't be a second... Okay, were you travelling from Salford Central to Leeds, wasn't it?
It was a return journey, outward was Leeds to Salford Central, return is Salford Central to Leeds.
Brilliant. I wont be a second, just searching for the return one now. Won't be a minute. Holding. On the Passenger Assist booking system its coming up with different journey than what came up on the other one. Just bear with me second.
I will be so happy when they create the new system that integrates the two together in one. It's silly having two separate systems.
Yes. Just bear with me. Right, so I got change at Manchester Victoria on the way back. Would that be better than Stalybridge for you?
I honestly don't mind.
Okay, just checking if I can get them seats for you now. Bear with me. So from Leeds to Manchester Victoria on way out, seats C98. On the way back I'm not able to reserve any seats from Manchester Victoria to Salford Central, or other way, wrong, from Salford Central to Manchester.
OK. So you can book the space outwards on the Leeds to Manchester Victoria, but you can't book the return from Manchester Victoria to Leeds?
I can reserve the wheelchair space from Manchester Victoria to Leeds on the return, but it's just a counted space.
OK. I don't know what to do. On the ticket booking system it wouldn't let you book the wheelchair space on the way out, but would on the way back. On the Passenger Assist system it will let you book the wheelchair space on the way out, but not the way back! What can one say?
When I've just put the booking through on Passenger Assist, it was unsuccessful. So no wheelchair spaces on outbound journey.
Okay. Well I'm not happy to travel without booking the wheelchair space. Please find out what is up and ask somebody to sort it? I know the wheelchair space isn't reservable on Northern Rail, but they are on TP Express.
Yes, it's just not letting us book wheelchair space. It was unsuccessful. So maybe just that wheelchair spaces were not available for that journey.
You mean they are already booked?
Yes. It's not letting us book it at all. No availability.
I don't know what to say or suggest. What do I do now?
The only thing if you want to reseve a wheelchair space is maybe rethink the journey to go on different train going out.
Are you certain that the reason it won't let you book the wheelchair space is because the wheelchair spaces, both of them, are already gone, and it's not some booking or database error?
It's just showing no availability on our system. If you still want me to put the booking through, that would be down to you if you got there and the seats werent available.
I want to know please whether it is a technical problem or if it is that both wheelchair spaces are already booked by other wheelchair users.
No, not a technical problem, I just cannot book any seats from Leeds to Manchester Victoria at all on our system.
No seats either? Not just the wheelchair space?
No, no seats at all, nothing.
Right. Please get that sorted, then. I want to book the wheelchair space, it's more important than other passengers booking seats, they can stand, I can't, unless one or other of the wheelchair spaces are available I can't travel on that service. So please get on to whomever can find out why that train isn't reservable, find out why it's not reservable, get them to sort the problem so I can book the wheelchair space.
There is no way we can make the journey become available for booking when its showing no availability. Break please. You personally can't, but somebody at transpennine can. If you fail to do so you are failing in your duty to make a reasonable adjustment under S21 of the Equality Act 2010, which is having an unreasonable detriment to my ability to access your services, and I will sue.
Nobody at Transpennine Express will be able to book you a seat on that particular journey because they've all got the same system as me.
Somebody at Transpennine Express has made the train unreservable. Somebody can make it reservable. You might not be able to do it, or the other booking clerks, but it's Transpennine Express's train and their service, and they can do it. I am serious, I will sue them, I have before.
Right, bear with me just one second ... Just going to place you on hold... One second. I suggest starting by finding out why it is unreservable.
Holding. Sorry, already holding. I won't keep you a second. Just speaking with my manager. OK. I suggest finding out why it is unreservable, what the problem is
Okay, thank you. Just speaking with my manager. One moment. Holding. There is no way I'm going to be able to book seat on that journey. It's unreservable. But I can still book the assistance like ramps and everything, but if you want to have a wheelchair space you're going to have to rethink the outward journey.
Why is it unreservable? Why have Transpennine made it unreservable?
It's just a non-reservable service on that train. We cannot reserve any seats on it at all.
I know. Why is it unreservable? Why have Transpennine made all the seats on that train unreservable? What's the problem?
Some journeys are just like that, we cannot reserve seats on them. That's just the way the booking system is.
That doesn't answer. Why is that train unreservable? What is the problem?
Bear with me one second. Holding music playing. There is no answer for that I'm afraid. It'ss just that some services are unreservable.
Look. Somebody decides which services are reservable and which are unreservable. Somebody at Transpennine. Making it unreservable puts disabled people needing the wheelchair space at a substantial disadvantage, because there are only two wheelchair spaces on that train. Non-disabled people can occupy any of the seats or if necessary stand, but if those two wheelchair spaces are not available then I can't travel. "It's just like that", "Some services are unreservable", "It's just the way it is" is not a valid answer and if I leave this conversation without being able to determine why it's unreservable, and unable to book the wheelchair space, then I will quite frankly see Transpennine in court. Again. So I strongly suggest getting on to Transepnnine Control, finding out what the situation actually is, why that particularly service is unreservable, and sorting it out. On the NRE database it is down as reservable so clearly there is a problem somewhere that Transpennine, can, must and should sort out if they don't want ot be hit by another lawsuit.
Okay. The only thing can suggest is putting you through to Customer Relations and you can discuss that further with them.
No. You're the assistance person. This is an assistance problem, because I need the wheelchair space, and this is more iomportant than booking seats, as I have outlined. If you put me through to customer services I will give up, will keep the transcript of this call and it will be a letter before action forthwith.
Okay, well, I'm not able to reserve you any seats on that service. It's just non-reservable. I cannot phys... Break. Break. Stop, stop repeating yourself. Find out what the problem is, why that service is unreservable, and get somebody at Transpennine to explain to you, and to make it reservable so that I can book the space. It's not your fault it's not reservable, but it is also not my fault either, and somebody at Transpennine has the ability to sort this problem for us.
The only way you're going to get a seat is if you change the outbound time. Break. You are not listening to me. I want to travel on that service. You personally don't have the ability to find out why it's not reservable because your systems don't tell you. So speak to somebody that can find out, find out the problem, find out why it is non-reservable and if it can be sorted. Do not tell me again to take pot luck on the wheelchair space being available or to use a different train. That is discrimination counter to S19 and 21 of the Equality Act 2010.
The only other thing I can suggest is to speak to a manager, or to be put through to customer relations. It's not going to be resolved any other way I'm...
You speak to a manager or the control room and find out please.
Bear with me a second, I'll just get my manager to come and speak to you. Thank you. Holding. Hello, this is [NAME]
Hello. I am attempting to book the wheelchair space for a journey. Your website says that seats are reservable. Your staff member says that seats on that journey are not reservable. She says she is unable or unwilling to find out what the problem is and why the seats are not reservable. It is a more serious matter if one needs the wheelchair space, there are only two wheelchair spaces so if they are both occupied or unavailable I cannot travel, unlike passengers who can either try and find one of the couple of hundred seats or, at a pinch, stand. She has refused to find out why it is unreservable or to attempt to troubleshoot; she just gave me the option of either taking pot luck on a wheelchair space being available or traveling on a different train.
Okay, firstly there is no availability showing for the seat you need. Therefore I would surmise that both wheelchair spaces have been booked already. We are able to get you travelling later or travelling earlier if that an option. If not an option, like my advisor says, is take pot luck. I don't don't want you to surmise. I don't want you to surmise. She said the whole train is non-reservable; that's clearly a problem your end because your own website says that seats are reservable. I want to know for definite whether it's non-reservable due to some technical problem or because somebody your end has made the whole train non-reservable, or if it is because the spaces are already gone.
Okay, so all I will confirm at this point is that there's no availablty on that train. If you wish to travel earlier we can arrange that. If you wish to travel later, we can also arrange that.
Why is the train non-reservable? Is it definitely the case that the wheelchair spaces are already reserved by wheelchair users?
There is no availability for us to reserve any seats.
Why is the train non-reservable? Is it definitely the case that the wheelchair spaces are already reserved by wheelchair users? It's a perfectly reasonable question to ask.
I cannot give you travel details of other passengers on that train unfortunately.
You can find out, though, whether the wheelchair spaces will already be occupied. I don't want travel details of other passengers on the train, I just want to be certain that this isn't just due to some technical or booking failure that has made the whole train non-reservable when in fact the wheelchair spaces are not engaged.
The spaces currently have no availability. We cannot share the details of other customers who have booked those spaces. I can arrange for you, as previously stated, to travel earlier or later if required. Would you like me to go ahead and do this for you?
At no point have I asked you to share the details of other passengers journeys. I just want you to tell me categorically that the wheelchair spaces are already occupied for the journey I would like to do.
That would be passing on info in respect of other customers travel arrangements, therefore I cannot give you... No it wouldn't, it would give be simply telling me whether the spaces are reserved or not. If I phone up a cinema and try to book a wheelchair space, they tell me the wheelchair space is free, or somebody has already reserved it, or they tell me there's a tech problem that means they can't reserve it or there's some maintenance issue or something. Asking whether a wheelchair space is reserved or not is not asking for details of other customers travel arrangements. I just want to know whether the wheelchair space is showing as unavailable because the whole train has been made non-reservable or some other such problem, or if it is because they are occupied for part or all of the journey I want to do. That is not sharing anything about other passenger's journeys.
Answer I will confirm categorically there are no tech issues and no problems.
One second. "The lifts to/from platform 2 are out of order until further notice." at Salford Central. Is that going to cause a problem? Also: Your advisor earlier said that the whole service is non-reservable, that she is unable to book any seats at all, not just the wheelchair space.
Firstly, assistance will be available at Salford. Secondly, the rest of the train is really irrelevant because all we are talking about here is the wheelchair space, unless you want to book a normal seat.
If the whole train is unreservable then it's clearly something that is up your end with the bookings. Is the whole train unreservable for some reason? This has happened before, for some reason the whole train has been unreservable and so the wheelchair spaces have actually been empty, non-reserved, but I've been unable to book them.
That is not the case on your journey.
Okay; so you are saying that both wheelchair spaces are in use at some point, so they're already taken up by another customer? NB: I don't want to know whom, or where they are traveling, or anything like that. I just want to know for categorically sure that this isn't a database issue, some human failure that has resulted in them not being available; that they are already in use by other wheelchair users. That is all. It is not an unreasonable thing to ask. If yes, then fair enough. If no, then there's a problem. I don't think it is unreasonable to ask.
There is no database issues whatsoever.
So the spaces are already reserved for other customers.
As I said earlier, I cannot confirm anything about other customers booking or reservations. This will be a breach of their confidentiality. I have confirmed to you there are no tech issues, no problems with systems our side, no database issues, however still no availability for the wheelchair spaces on that journey. Would you like me to look at booking an earlier or later journey for you?
There is no breach of confidentiality. Believe me I am an expert in the Data Protection Act, and in the Equality Act. I deal with both all the time. Saying that spaces are already in use by other customers is not a breach because you have not provided any details as to whom, no hint whatsoever, not that I would want you to do so. Personal data is only personal data where people can be identified, living individuals can be identified by the data or by the data in conjunction with other data that an individual or body already holds. You are not being accurate and it is not being fair.
I am not here to discuss the small bits about data protection act, and what they entail. I'm here to help you book asistance. We confirmed we're not able to book a wheelchair seat on this journey. Would you like me to book you a wheelchair seat on earlier or later train?
Please tell me if either or both wheelchair spaces will be physically occupied on the train I want to catch. That's a different question as to whether or not you can presently book the space.
The answer is still the same. Wheelchair spaces on that journey are not available. Right, please put me through to your manager.
No, I am the manager.
I want to speak to your manager. Is it [NAME], head of transport integration?
No, it's not. I know [NAME] personally, but he is not my boss. If you have [NAME]'s details, I would suggest you contact him directly, and the answer will be the same.
I would like to speak to your manager please.
I cannot arrnage that for you because you are already speaking to a manager within assisted travel.
Yes, but I am not satisfied with the way you have dealt with me. I would like to speak to your manager please. You can do that, what you mean is you will not, you are refusing.
I will arrange for a call back from manager which is normal process, however as this is Typetalk service I would be unable to arrange that with you.
What? Say that again? You can't make outgoing typetalk calls? That's ridiculous. It doesn't need any special technology, you know, and if you're refusing me because I use Typetalk then that's discrimination counter to S19 and S21 of the Equality Act 2010. You are providing a different service to me because of my communication needs due to my hearing loss. This is a clear breach.
This is the same response that would be given to a fully able person, disabled person with sight issues, perfect sight. This is the same response. If you wish to speak to manager in assisted travel I speak to them. This is nothing to do with your disability or hearing issues, this is solely to do with your request to escalate past myself.
Yes exactly. You can escalate for people who don't use Typetalk, but you can't for people that use Typetalk. Discrimination.
No, you have already escalated to me. There is no further escalation past me, regardless to your disability or able-bodied person. There is no discrimination, and I'm sorry you feel feel you're being discriminated against. Break. Break. You said, and I'm reading it off the screen, in response to me saying "I would like to speak to your manager please. You can do that. What you mean is you will not, you are refusing." You said, "I will arrange for a call back from manager, which is normal process, however as this is Typettalk service, I would be unable to arrange that." So you clearly said that you can escalate and that is normally by arranging a call back from your manager. but that you aren't going to do it because I use Typetalk.
The manager that would call you back would be me...
Okay, well, I would like to speak to your manager please.
As previously explained, I'm not gong to be able to arrange that for you. If you give me a time I will call you back at that time to discuss further, however it will not change the availability of that journey. Would you like me to book an earlier journey or later journey for you?
Why did your advisor offer to book assistance on that train "at my own risk" without being able to book the space? She gave me every impression that there is a chance that the space or spaces are actually available, as in not physically occupied.
I'm sorry if you misunderstood what the agent had told you. If you want me to book earlier or later time I will do.
It was not my misinterpretation. I am scrolling back. She said, and I quote, and this is the first thing she said on the matter of the space being booked, "Okay, outbound journey no reserveable seats on either of them journeys, so it would be down to the train crew to find you seat."
That is standard practice, to offer you a seat on the journey you are taking. It sounds to me like you do not want to travel on this train because of the lack of a wheelchair space, so I'm offering you an alternative on an earlier train or later train where we will be able to book a wheelchair space for you. Would you like either of these two options?
What I want to do is to book the train I specified and if this is not possible to be told categorically that it is because the wheelchair spaces are already physically occpied and booked.
The wheelchair spaces are unfortunately not available on this journey, therefore options are - if you need wheelchair space - is travelling on an earlier or later train. Which of these would you like me to arrange for you?
Your assistant told me that the whole train was non-reservable, including the wheelchair space, and that some services are just like that. If I turn up, am I going to find that the wheelchair spaces have already been reserved and are in use?
I cannot give you info from other customers. It's pointless asking the same questions over and over again. The answers will always be the same. I cannot arrange booking of wheelchair spaces on that journey for you. Would you like me to book an earlier or later train for you, where it will be available? Tell me about it, you keep asking me if I want to catch a different train, it is pointless keeping asking me the same questions over and over again, the response will be the same: it is not personal data to state that the wheelchair space(s) are already booked by other passengers, that is not data about other passengers, it is a perfectly reasonable thing to say and to give out. I want to know if the wheelchair spaces are already booked or if it is available but just non-reservable.
I have already confirmed to you seats are not available. We are unable to reserve them. Again, there are no tech issues with the train, no tech issues with the system, no problems to system, not a database issue, no mistakes with booking - absolutely no reason how or why I can't book this wheelchair space for you. So, the options available to you are travelling earlier or travelling later.
Is the whole train non-reservable?
It's irrelevant talking about the whole train, when we are talking about the wheelchair space.
Earlier, your staff member said the wheelchair spaces are non-reservable because the whole train is non-reservable. So it is of course totally relevant.
But i have also given you all the necessary info in respect for those journeys. I've apologised for any miscommunication or misunderstanding. I have confirmed to you I'm not able to book those seats. I also confirmed there are no issues our end that would stop these being reserved. So back to: would you like me to book you earlier train or like me to book a later train?
I want to be totally clear. The reason that the spaces are not bookable is most specifically not because the whole train is down as unreservable? It is not that the train as a whole is unreservable, it is that these speciifc spaces are unreservable?
i have already confirmed to you several times over that there is nothing stopping reservations on those chairs. However, the spaces are no longer available. Would you like me to book you on earlier train, or would you prefer a later train?
Okay. "No longer available" explains I think. It would be so much simpler if you, or your staff member, could have simply said "The spaces are already in use." And there is no reason you are unable to say that; the Data Protection Act says no such thing. Given that there are numerous occasions where the whole train is made unreservable, or bookings on it don't open until absurdly late, and given that advanced purchase tickets aren't available on it, which is generally when the whole train isn't reservable, you can doubtless see why I am thinking that it felt like this was an issue with the whole train not being reservable rather than that the wheelchair spaces were already booked and occupied.
So would you like me to book either an earlier train for you or the later train?
I need to get my head round stuff. Feeling het up and upset as a result of trying to find out the very simple question as to whether the spaces are occupied or not. Please book me assistance for the train I specified, and I will take pot luck at a wheelchair space being available on the day. And if it is available, and has been all along, there will be major ruptions and I will sue Transpennine again.
Okay, thats fine. Let me book that assistance now for you. And tickets, and the return journey please.
Okay, for that I will pass you back to the advisor you were originally speaking to. She will process tickets payament and assistance for you.
Okay. And as I say, if I discover down the line that the spaces are not in use and it's due to failure to open bookings, hence the lack of advance tickets, there will be a legal case. I am also going to refer Transpennine's apparent policy of classifying the occupied or other status of a seat / wheelchair space for the Information Commissioner's opinion under S42 of the Data Protection Act, because your inability to say whether or not the spaces are already reserved for wheelchair users is ridiculous, and your explanation that this somehow constitutes other passengers' data is ridiculous.
I'm passing you back to [NAME] now to book assistance and the tickets thank you. Before you go, you gave your think. Just to be sure, I can't spot it immediately, would you mind reminding me please? Sorry I forgot. Thank you.
Passing you back to [NAME] now.
Hello, [NAME] here. Do you still want to go ahead with the ticket and everything as before?
Yes please. I am very upset and wound up though, this whole argument has got to me and wound me up.
Okay, I'll try be as quick as I can booking tickets and assistance then so you are able to get off the phone. Still the same times and everything, same journey times?
Yes please. You have them still?
Yes, 27th March, leaving Leeds 9.44 gets into Salford Central at 10.48 with one change at Manchester Victoria, then coming back leaving Salford Central 14.15 getting into Leeds 16.03 with one change at Manchester Victoria again.
Yes please.
Okay. Just to confirm, the off peak day return ticket will be 13.15 pounds.
Okay. I am surprised there are no advance tickets; have there ever been or am I just too late and they've all sold out?
There is no advance ticketing available on that journey, no.
OK thank you. Interesting. Presumably because the whole train is non-reservable. OK.
Okay. So the only space I'm able to book is the counted wheelchair space from Manchester Victoria to Leeds on your return journey. Is that okay?
I guess. This is all new and unusual to me though. I have never had this situation before, I've travelled on Transpennine lots and I've always had a coach and "seat" number. It makes me nervous that there's something up and that my booking won't work properly, i.e. that this is a sign of something wrong.
No, there is nothing wrong. There is just no advance tickets for that journey.
OK. so there's no "counted wheelchair space" on the way out but there's a "counted wheelchair space" on the way back, even though no advance tickets available for eaither. I'm nervous about the whole thing now. Starting to worry that everything will go wrong and I'll end up incredibly stressed as a result...
No, that's just the way the tickets are for that journey. There is a counted wheelchair space on the return journey from Manchester Victoria to Leeds, but not on the way out. And other parts of the journey are non-reservable, which you already knew
Thank you. I know that the journeys from Manchester Victoria to Leeds are new because it's over the new bit of rail line built, is this why things have changed? I swear I have an autistic streak, I certainly have mental health issues that mean I don't cope well with new situations, and I'm genuinely quite nervous about this journey, in case the change in arrangements mean that it's more likely that things go wrong.
Okay, I can assure you, you've made enough time for assistance to go through properly, so once booked on the assistance and its gone through then everything will go okay for you.
Thank you, I appreciate the reassurance. I'm starting to think I need somebody with me on the day though. Oh I don't know what to do now. Sorry, I know I'm not being very decisive or helpful. Let's book the one ticket for now
Okay. Would you like me to read terms and conditions of the ticket? It is an off-peak day return ticket.
It's fine, no thank you.
Okay. Just to confirm, outbound journey 27th March leaving Leeds 9.44 getting into Manchester Victoria 10.33, leaving Manchester Victoria at 10.46 and will get into Salford Central at 10.48.
And the return journey same day, leaving Salford Central 14.16, it will get into Manchester Victoria 14.19, it will leave Manchester Victoria at 14.26 and get into Leeds 16.03.
OK. One second please. No, I would like the return journey changing at Stalybridge please. If I remember correctly, it's substantially quicker.
Change of relay assistant, please hold... New relay assistant here... Bear with me. Confirm you wawnt to change to Stalybridge on the way back?
The 14.16 from Salford Central, gets into Stalybridge 14.45, leaves Stalybridge 14:54, gets into Leeds 15:36
OK. OK. Just going to check availability on that one coming back. One second. OK, journey from Stalybridge will be in wheelchair space c98. Is that ok?
Yes, that's reassuring, actually.
OK, so it would be £13.15.
Would you like me to post tickets out first class post free of charge?
Can I print them at home?
Bear with me a second. Holding. Unfortunately thats not an option; either posted or picked up at station.
OK, actually just had a look and you're right of course, it says only advance tickets can be printed at home. I'll collect at Leeds please.
OK, bear with me one second. OK, so could I take the postcode? is it the same on Passenger Assist, same as on the card you're going to pay with?
Thank you. Bear with me. [ADDRESS]
OK, so going to start card payment now. Bear with me one second. What type of card are you going to be paying with?
Thank you. Your name as it appears on the card?
Long card number please.
Thank you. Expiry date?
Security code?
Processing payment now. OK, all gone through. To confirm, it will apear on bank statement as Fujitsu Rail UK. Issuing tickets now. When you go to pick tickets up you need the card you paid with and the reference number which I'll give you now. The reference number is [REFERENCE NUMBER]
Thank you. And the assistance booking? Is that separate? Do we need to do that?
Yes. Going to do that now. Just entering journey details.
It will be so much better when they finally join the booking systems together such that assitance and ticket booking are all on one.
Yes. Just entering journey details now, one second. OK, one moment. OK, is it ok for me to ask the train crew to find you a seat on the journeys you have got a seat reserved for?
I am sorry I didn't understand that, say again please?
The journeys with no seats reserved, I need to get staff to find you a seat on them journeys.
Ah, I understand, the Northern Rail portions and the outward Transpennine. It's not a seat I need so much as a wheelchair space, but yes please.
OK bear with me. Holding. Just putting the last part of the journey in now, won't be a second. Okay, when you leave Leeds station do you need any help getting into the station itself?
When I arrive at Leeds on the outward journey? No, I'm ok thank you.
Okay, is there anywhere at that station where you would like us to meet you to help you onto the train?
CIP on main concourse please.
Okay. So if we meet you there, you need to be there 20 mins before the train departs, around 9.25.
Then when you get into Salford Central, do you need any help getting out of the station?
My concern is that there's a note on the Salford Central train station information on National Rail Enquiries saying: "Station Message: Alert! The lifts to/from platform 2 are out of order until further notice.
Yes, it says that on our system also. The only thing what would have to happen there is... one second... it would need to be a taxi from Manchester Victoria station if you are not able to get in the lift.
Oh goodness, I'm losing the will to live.
One second. Looking closer, it says "Step free access note: Ramped access to platforms and ticket office." So there might not be a need to use a lift? I've never been there before.
Checking. Right okay, I'll just check that on our systems for you. I won't be a second. Holding. Everywhere is accessible whithout having to get in the lift, so you should be alright there.
OK, that's good news.
So when you get into Salford Central, do you need any help getting out of the station?
No thanks, as long as the ramp is OK I should be OK.
Okay, and then coming back, is there anywhere at Salford station you would like to meet to get onto the train there?
I don't know the station at all, and I also don't know which bits will be inaccessible due to the broken lift.
Right, okay, bear with me one second, I'll just check the station map for you. If we meet you at the ticket counter, there is a ramp to enable you to get to the ticket counter, so would that be accessible for you?
Okay. So if we meet you there again need to be there 20 mins before, so round about five to two.
And then when you get back into Leeds, do you need any help getting out of the station?
No thanks, just ramps at the train at each time.
Okay, so I'll just put assistance booking through for you now, then I'll give you the reference number if thats OK.
OK. PA-20170320-00something.
Great, thank you for your help.
Not a problem, thanks for your call.
Bye bye sksk
byebye sksk Thank you for using Text Relay. SK