Hello, how may I help you?

Hello. I booked train tickets yesterday between Amsterdam and Brussels, and I am a wheelchair user, so please can you move the seats I have booked to the wheelchair space and please can you book assistance with ramps?

Can i take booking ref number please?

Booking number XXCLHST.

Alright ... May I ask you your name, and the name of the travellers?

I am Douglas Paulley, and the travelers are me and my carer (name removed).

Alright. Day of travelling?

Traveling from Brussels to Amsterdam on 8th February, return journey 10th February.

Alright, then I do have the correct booking in front of me. So you want to change the seats for one of the travellers has a wheelchair?

I am a full time wheelchair user, that is correct.

Alright. We do have wheelchairs only in 1st Class. The fare that is booked for from Amsterdam to Brussels is non-flexible fare, that means when I'm going to change it you won't get money back. I cannot change this ticket, so that means you have to pay new return ticket for 1st Class.

Your website says that you give wheelchairs the 1st Class ticket at standard class price.

When you make reservations, there is one person in wheelchair, it is not possible to make reservation on website, only via the number you have just dialled or a ticket window. So I cannot change the ticket. You have to purchase a new one. It's a non-flexible fare only for this ticket. Amsterdam to Brussels, from Brussels to Amsterdam I can change that one.

So please refund the other one.

Alright what I can do is that I'm going to cancel the booking or not? When I cancel the ticket from Brussels to Amsterdam, you will get a refund of €82, half of the price.

Why should I have to lose money because I am a wheelchair user and booked online? Why should I have to lose half the cost? Non-wheelchair users can book online, why not wheelchair users? This is not fair.

The wheelchair prices are not bookable via website. Wheelchair fares are only bookable via phone or NS International ticket window.

OK, that isn't my fault though, is it? I still don't see why I should have to lose money.

The prices what are booked yesterday, the ticket from Amsterdam to Brussels is a cheap fare with very strict fare conditions.

Yes, I know. I still don't understand why you can't just take the seat reservation and move it from a seat on that train to a wheelchair space on that train. I should not have to pay or lose money because of that. If you persevere with this, I will issue for disability discrimination.

Alright, when you make reservation at website you see it isn't possible to make reservations for wheelchair via website.

Yes I know. That's why I bought the ticket with a reserved seat, then as soon as you were open I have phoned up. It is bad that you don't enable people to book the wheelchair space via the website, but it's even worse that you will not now move the reservation to the wheelchair space. I should not have to pay extra, for that.

When you look on the site of NS International home page, you see travelling with bicycle wheelchair or pet it is not possible to purchase online, and to contact service centre or go to ticket and service office. There is a special note made on home page when making bookings for wheelchair.

We are going in circles here. Move the booking to the wheelchair space at no extra charge or I will issue in court under the Equal Treatment of Disabled and Chronically Ill People Act of Netherlands.

Alright, when I'm going to change it then I can't potentially change from Amsterdam to Brussels without any charges, for Brussles to Amsterdam you will get €82 refunded.

I am not interested in what you say you can or can't do, please put me through to somebody who can do this. I am serious, I will take the company to court.

Alright when im going to transfer you to another colleague my colleague will say exactly the same.

Is it your boss?

I beg your pardon?

Is the colleage your manager?

Alright, he will tell you the same so I don't transfer you to my manager. What you can even do is give you address of client services, and maybe you can write a leter to these colleagues.

No, give me the phone number of your legal department please.

Alright, the only number what I can give you is the number you have just dialled.

So put me through to the legal department please.

One moment I am going to ask. ... Thank you for waiting. My colleague tells me the same what I just told you.

I still want to talk to the legal department please.

But my colleague will tell you the same.

I still want to talk to the legal department please. How many times do I have tos say it?

Alright, one moment please ... Thank you for waiting, i have discussed it with the manager and he told me alright we can change it for once. So the date of travelling will be the same?