Author: Doug Paulley

Wheelchair user and residential care user, sometimes thorn in the side of authorities.

Disabled People Deserve Equal Access to Critical Care – Judicial Review

Many disabled people may be left to die so that others can be saved. That’s the impact of likely coming increased demand for hospital treatment, intensive care beds and ventilators, according to multiple reports in the Press. Guidance by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, from the British Medical Association, letters from Clinical Commissioning Groups…

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“Passing out”

Passing out sometimes looks peaceful, but never feels it. “The World I Fell Out Of”, by Melanie Reid I read a passage in Melanie Reid’s excellent book that describes the sensation well. I am blessed in that I don’t experience the vomiting as much and my autonomic problems are not caused by spinal injury, and…

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LNER wheelchair spaces

I’m getting flak on Twitter for posting this: Hi @LNER @Charlie_LNER Service 1A26. 1) Your staff have not challenged this abuse of the wheelchair space, despite walking past. Please enforce. 2) I reserved that wheelchair space. Why is there no sign in it? 3) The interior door is locked open, so I get noise. Please…

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