Author: Doug Paulley

Wheelchair user and residential care user, sometimes thorn in the side of authorities.

“Silencing” warning letter from RDG to TOCs

Somebody sent me this. (Thank you, sender!) Email from RDG legal to TOCs 07/04 Dear All Some of you are subject to FOIA and some are not; I’m writing to you all anyway. Our Accessibility & Inclusion Manager has pointed out that there is a “campaign” to get information about TOC activities, conducted by a…

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Libel threat letter to me from Lund-Conlon

Dominic Lund-Conlon doesn’t like my previous blog about how he told all Train Operating Companies (TOCs) to cancel and refuse all disabled peoples’ assistance bookings during Hurricane Eunice. He has got the lawyers that Private Eye colloquially call “Carter Fuck“ to send me this legal letter purportedly alleging I defamed him. His letter seems to…

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Dominic Lund-Conlon / RDG tried to stop all booked assistance during Storm Eunice, and lied to the ORR.

All train and station operating companies are required as part of their Accessible Travel Policies (i.e. as part of their operating license) to provide booked assistance to disabled travellers, and to accept bookings for said assistance to be provided. This has been the case for at least 25 years to my recollection, probably longer. In…

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