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Rail Replacement and School Buses Must Be Wheelchair Accessible

Nearly all rail replacement and school buses/vehicles must be accessible – confirmed. Rail replacement buses I’ve previously given my legal interpretation of the applicability of accessibility regulations to rail replacement buses; now, I have independent verification. In response to the Office of Rail and Road (ORR)’s consultation into Improving Assisted Travel, I reiterated my views and also…

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Won: two cases against London Underground regarding info on lift closures

Today we won two cases against London Underground, over their failure to effectively promulgate information about lift closures and alternative step-free routes for disabled people. Westminster In October 2016, I attempted to get from Westminster to Kings Cross but was thwarted as both the lift at the main entrance and the alternative lift at Canon…

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Taxis and the Equality Act

Download Final September 2018 report: Licensing authorities’ approach to the Equality Act 2010 provisions on taxi wheelchair discrimination Sept 2018 report (.pdf, 3Mb) – Sept 2018 report (.docx, 3Mb) Interim Reports: April 2018 update (.pdf, 2Mb) – April 2018 update (.docx, 7Mb) July 2017 initial report (.pdf, 7Mb) – July 2017 initial report (.docx, 27Mb)…

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