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Charging your phone (battery bank, USB fan etc.) from your electric wheelchair or scooter

There’s something perverse about running out of mobile battery whilst sitting in a wheelchair or scooter with huge batteries. Various commercial products bridge that gap; the best of which is Cripple Concepts’ charger. These plug into the charging port on an electric wheelchair and provide a turbo USB charging socket. These products suffer from some…

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AGM Activism: the 4,000th Living Wage employer – thanks to Share Action!

We all deserve to be paid a true Living Wage: a fair day’s pay for a day’s hard work, calculated based upon the Cost of Living. That’s why in Summer 2017 I attended Croda International’s AGM, on behalf of Share Action. I knew we may be pushing on an open door; and I’m glad to…

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The Consistency of Wetherspoons Portion Sizes

Back in July 2014, whilst on a day trip to Whitby, I ate at the Angel Wetherspoons’ pub. I sent this tweet. @jdwtweet I generally love your food but this at Angel Whitby is a little stingy!! — Doug Paulley (@kingqueen3065) July 16, 2014 Wetherspoons responded by pulling the CCTV of our meal and…

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