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Slimming World Syn values of Diet Chef foods

I am a fat whatsit and really need to lose weight. I lost a lot on Slimming World a few years ago, then did Diet Chef for a while, now I’m back on Slimming World again (there’s more choice and it’s more sustainable long-term.) So I have Diet Chef stock in the cupboard but I’m…

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Steer Clear of / “Eflorist” / “Euroflorist” – they can’t be trusted.

I have just successfully sued Teleflorist / Eflorist / Euroflorist after they let me down badly and didn’t give a stuff. We had a family celebration holiday at the frankly wonderful Calvert Trust Kielder. On Sunday, the day before we traveled, I decided to order some flowers and chocolates to be in the room for when my family arrives…

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On the nature of party balloons and catheters

When you deflate a balloon it never goes back to its original shape. This isn’t usually a problem. But it is in this context. Those are silicone Foley catheters, if you are wondering. I’ve got a hole through my abdomen into my bladder, into which the above gets pushed (with medical lubrication) and is held…

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