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Dominic Lund-Conlon lies about TriRides on trains

This is a TriRide, a popular motorised electronic addition to a manual wheelchair. It is good for off-roading and long distances. (I want one!) This is Dominic Lund-Conlon, Accessibility and Inclusion Manager at Rail Delivery Group (RDG). Has a history of unsupportable pronouncements on rail accessibility, and a reputation for undermining disability rights and campaigners…

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Did Network Rail risk deaths rather than pay for an accessible footbridge?

Content Warning: deaths on the railway / at level crossings, suicide At the Copmanthorpe Crossing public inquiry today, I commented that two people have died at the crossing since 2015 and that if Network Rail had agreed to pay for an accessible footbridge, they may still be alive. Network Rail objected to my comment. In…

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3D Printable Railway / RADAR keys

The Radaramp: A niche key particularly useful for UK railway-using disabled people who use disabled toilets and ramps – this key operates RADAR locks AND railway ramp locks. tl;dr Download the Radaramp key’s .stl model file, and get it printed in steel from e.g. Craftcloud (dimensions in mm) – but be prepared, it works out…

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