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Prosecute Bus Drivers for Refusing Wheelchair Users – it’s a Criminal Offence

Bus drivers refusing to allow wheelchair users onto buses where the wheelchair space is either unoccupied or occupied by people who can readily and reasonably move are committing a crime. They should be prosecuted, given a £500 fine and 3 penalty points. Then they should have the consequences for their employment consequent to being convicted…

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“Fairness”, wheelchairs and buggies, and First Come First Served

Some people argue that wheelchair users expecting pushchair users to vacate the wheelchair space are expecting special treatment, not equality, and being unreasonable. They advocate “first come first served” as fair. The answer is that yes, we are expecting special treatment, and we’re not ashamed of that. We need special treatment to have any chance…

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Abuse of wheelchair user on Thursday

I met wheelchair user Kerdesan Gallardo after the Supreme Court verdict on Wednesday. She was very enthusiastic and supportive, and I was and am very grateful to her for her support outside the hearing. When I got home, I was truly shocked to see what had happened to her on her way home. I stayed…

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