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Dominic Lund-Conlon / RDG tried to stop all booked assistance during Storm Eunice, and lied to the ORR.

All train and station operating companies are required as part of their Accessible Travel Policies (i.e. as part of their operating license) to provide booked assistance to disabled travellers, and to accept bookings for said assistance to be provided. This has been the case for at least 25 years to my recollection, probably longer. In…

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TransReport, booking wheelchair spaces and SWR’s Booking From Hell

Disabled people aren’t able to book train wheelchair spaces directly; we have to get A Rail Employee Human to do it. Doing so is ridiculously difficult. Non-disabled people can book their seats on trains considerably more easily. But wheelchair users have to book the space as part of an Assistance Booking, for ramp provision and…

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Station Accessibility Info

I have been researching the accuracy of rail station disability accessibility information for several years. The difficulty with inaccuracy of such has been recognised by the Office of Rail and Road: (PDF) Inaccurate, incomplete or unclear information may result in assistance being booked for a journey that involves a station which proves to be inaccessible…

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