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Proof of email server receipt = proof of receipt of FOI request

The ICO has decided in decision notice FS50559082 (yet to appear on the ICO’s website, so for now check the annotation on WhatDoTheyKnow) that server logs indicating receipt by a public authority’s email server constitute persuasive proof that the authority received the request. 12. The Commissioner notes that there is evidence to show that around…

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Payment methods for £10 DPA SAR fee #2

A few weeks ago, I raised the question of what payment mechanisms a data controller must accept for the payment of the £10 fee for a Subject Access Request. I have had a somewhat protracted discussion with the ICO since – see the addendum to my original post. The Information Commissioner’s Office have finally come…

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Mechanisms for payment of £10 SAR fee

There’s a paucity of guidance on what mechanisms organisations must offer when charging the £10.00 SAR fee. It bugs me when an organisation accepts payments for other services via card payments and/or bank transfer, but insist on cheques for subject access requests. The only related guidance I can find is the ICO’s DPA LTT on…

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