Category: Disability Legal Action

Law Requiring Accessibility of Taxis

Back in 1995, the Government put taxi accessibility requirements into the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), but didn’t commence the relevant sections. They said these are to be commenced “from days to be determined“. The provisions hadn’t been commenced 15 years later when the Equality Act replaced the DDA. And they still hadn’t been commenced in…

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Buses Bill – Committee discussion about mandating priority for wheelchair users on buses

The Commons Buses Bill Committee today debated proposed amendments to the Buses Bill to ensure mandatory disability awareness training for bus drivers, and to enforce priority for disabled people to use the wheelchair space on buses. The Houses of Parliament have a serious security problem with their Parliament TV website which means I can’t embed…

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Change the law: enforce disabled people’s priority on buses

Despite our partial victory in the Supreme Court against Firstbus, disabled people are still being refused access to buses where the wheelchair space is occupied by non-disabled people. The Supreme Court justices recommended Parliament reconsider the legislation. Let’s ask the Government to do so. Please sign and share the petition on Parliament’s website to ask them to change the law. Thank you!