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Blood on the carpet at Leonard Cheshire

Leonard Cheshire announced on 11th March that their CEO Clare Pelham was resigning. A spokeswoman for the charity said Pelham, who has no immediate role to move to, would stay in post until her successor was appointed and had no set date for leaving. “Acting” Chief Executive Leonard Cheshire’s website was updated on the afternoon…

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Trouble brewing at Leonard Cheshire?

Clare Pelham, CEO of Leonard Cheshire, is resigning. She’s resigning without another job to go to. She’s a career politician. She was previously first chief executive of the Judicial Appointments Commission, the body charged with introducing more diversity into the Judiciary, and was under fire in the Select Committee on Constitutional Affairs for the Commission’s…

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Where does Leonard Cheshire’s money go? Evicting Honresfeld residents at no notice.

Leonard Cheshire has decided to close Honresfeld Cheshire Home, Littleborough. It notified the residents and staff on 27th January of the impending closure at the end of March. 22 disabled people with high support needs live there. Arranging new accommodation and moving is difficult and traumatic enough for people without severe impairments. Imagine trying to…

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