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Leonard Cheshire’s lottery-fuelled Pandora’s box?

Leonard Cheshire have announced that the Heritage Lottery Fund has awarded them £242,250 to “enable the charity to use its archives to raise awareness about the history of disabled people“, topped up to £305,500 by two other charities. For their full, nauseating and uninteresting press release (why do charities write such?),   I hope the opening-up of Leonard…

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Leonard Cheshire Disability’s CEO Clare Pelham on poverty

Clare Pelham had this to say in Leonard Cheshire’s annual accounts 2014-2015: Disabled people are more likely to be living in poverty and less likely to have savings than most. The pressures on social care funding available to councils in this country have increased and this has affected many disabled people. She ought to know…

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Leonard Cheshire advertise for rehab workers at less than the Living Wage

This advert for a rehabilitation worker demonstrates how Leonard Cheshire underpay their staff. It’s for a rehabilitation worker in a specialist acquired brain injury (ABI) unit. Think head injuries from motorbike accidents, severe strokes and so on. Pretty specialist and full on work, in my view. The responsibilities include giving out medication, handling challenging behaviour,…

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