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Settle and Carlisle charter accessibility

I went on the new charter service yesterday. I had an excellent time. Finding out whether I would be able to travel was very difficult because information on its accessibility (to wheelchair users or other disabled people) wasn’t published anywhere (at the time). It’s still far from complete now. The service is actually run by…

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Disabled People Deserve Equal Access to Critical Care – Judicial Review

Many disabled people may be left to die so that others can be saved. That’s the impact of likely coming increased demand for hospital treatment, intensive care beds and ventilators, according to multiple reports in the Press. Guidance by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, from the British Medical Association, letters from Clinical Commissioning Groups…

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“Passing out”

Passing out sometimes looks peaceful, but never feels it. “The World I Fell Out Of”, by Melanie Reid I read a passage in Melanie Reid’s excellent book that describes the sensation well. I am blessed in that I don’t experience the vomiting as much and my autonomic problems are not caused by spinal injury, and…

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