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Bernina Express in a Wheelchair: Rhaetian Railway blame the victim

Artikel auf Deutsch On the Bernina Express recently, there was no wheelchair space in the panoramic coach despite my booking the wheelchair space months in advance. Rhaetian Railway, which runs the service, didn’t even warn me before I arrived. tl;dw (Too Long, Didn’t Watch) – This caused me great distress, as it was a bucket-list…

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HEARING CANCELLED – Disabled people in Court! – Tues 18th June 2024, Disabled People and the Government’s National Climate Adaptation Plan

HEARING CANCELLED This hearing has been adjourned at short notice, to 23rd and 24th July. I’m pretty devastated – and I’m sorry to others who made arrangements. Doug – 17th June 2024 I’m one of three claimants taking the Government to court over its failure to produce a fit-for-purpose National Climate Adaptation Plan. If you can,…

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Dominic Lund-Conlon continues to lie about who made the decision to cancel all assistance

As we already know, Dominic Lund-Conlon, Accessibility and Inclusion Manager at Rail Delivery Group (RDG), has already made some questionable claims. He instructed the Accessibility and Inclusion Managers at all Train Operating Companies to cancel and refuse all disabled people’s assistance bookings during the forthcoming Storm Eunice. When those managers expressed concern, he told them:…

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