FirstGroup claim there’s no finding they discriminated against me

Following today’s judgment in FirstGroup v Paulley in the Supreme CourtFirstBus’s MD Giles Fearnley said:

We are therefore also pleased that the Supreme Court found that we did not discriminate against Mr Paulley.

Here’s the judgment. 

I defy Giles Fearnley, FirstBus or anybody else to identify the supposed Supreme Court finding that First Groupdid not discriminate against Mr Paulley.” 

Hint: it’s not in there.

What the Court did say is:

The view of this Court is that FirstGroup was in breach.

This case was specifically about whether or not FirstGroup discriminated against me, by failing to make sufficient adjustment to try to ensure that the wheelchair space was available to me, when I needed to travel that day in February 2012. It ruled on whether their policies and practices are discriminatory

All seven judges found in my favour

FirstGroup were found to be in breach of their duty to make such adjustments. As all agree, a failure to make such adjustments is discrimination, as specifically defined by the Equality Act 2010.

So how can FirstGroup, in all conscience, claim that the Supreme Court decided that FirstGroup didn’t discriminate against me?

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  1. isnt having a space big enough for a wheelchair adjusted enough? unfortunatley somebody else needed that space before the wheel chair got there, so you should have to wait just like if the wheel chair user was there first the pram would wait. Selfish behaviour like this ruining the country

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