Leonard Cheshire selling 17 homes

Leonard Cheshire have a history of closing care homes without any proper regard to those who live in them. Notable recent examples include Greathouse and Honresfeld, both closed with indecent haste following Leonard Cheshire’s autocratic decision.

I am disturbed to hear that on Monday Leonard Cheshire’s 7,500+ staff were informed that they are selling off 17 of their homes. They will inform residents of this on Monday.

The decision was apparently made in March, but we all know that many / all of Leonard Cheshire’s homes have been run into the ground for years, and there’s been a compete change in senior management at Leonard Cheshire over the past couple of years. Rats leaving a sinking ship?

This will inevitably cause hundreds of disabled people with high support needs and severe impairments, profound worry and distress – especially given the manner in which Leonard Cheshire conduct such. For example, the Council and NHS released a joint statement regarding Leonard Cheshire’s closure of Honresfeld, saying:

We are, however, very disappointed at the way in which Leonard Cheshire has communicated and managed this situation to date. A letter was sent to residents and families on 25 January with the intention to close the home by 31 March.

In our view this shows an uncaring disregard for the wellbeing of residents, some of whom have lived in the home for over 20 years. With better planning and more notice Leonard Cheshire could have worked with Rochdale Borough Council and the CCG to plan the closure and the enforced move for residents more sensitively.

I am profoundly worried for the wellbeing of the residents in the 17 homes to be “sold”.

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  1. The Grange in Poole (Dorset) has also received the devasting news that it is to be sold off but no real explanation why other than it doesn’t fit with Leonard Cheshire’s vision for the future .

  2. My sister lives in a Leonard Cheshire Home, White Windows in Halifax. The residents received a letter informing them of the sale of their home only last week. My sister is now 57 years old and called White Windows her home for over 10 years. She is independent to an extent but has profound medical needs and is unable to survive without 24/7 nursing care. Both she and other residents and family are worried about what the future will hold.

  3. I would like to know what 17 are up for sale. Our Son lives at Douglas House, Brixham. Is this why the LIFT has not been fixed??? Been broken down about 8 weeks. Disgusting!! All the main staff have left. We are going to a meeting there tomorrow and we want answers.

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