Oct 252017

The Rail Delivery Group‘s database “Knowledgebase” contains (among other things) all the station information used e.g. on the National Rail enquiries website, including all the station accessibility information. This data is available to everybody, but in a format only programmers can use. So with help, I’ve converted the station accessibility data (and some other key data) into a spreadsheet.

Here’s the Knowledgebase stations spreadsheet in Excel format (~500kb), and here’s the Knowledgebase stations spreadsheet in .csv format (1mb). Here’s National Rail Enquiries Knowledgebase Data Feeds Specification (PDF, 900kb) which describes what each element (should) describe.

The spreadsheet is current as of 24th October 2017. (My spreadsheet can update the data, but I’ve removed this function from the spreadsheets here because the update mechanism uses my username and password for the National Rail Data Portal.) I haven’t included all the data in the stations database as it would get too big to deal with; also I haven’t included TOC assistance help line details and the days and times of staff assistance availability, as they complexity of such made the spreadsheet very difficult to use. I have, however, included all the rest of the accessibility information, and such of the rest of the data that either helps identify the station or provides a useful comparator with the accessibility data.

I’ve chosen the dataset such that one can look at things like:

  • the proportion of stations that have step-free access, overall and by station operator
  • the proportion of stations that have toilets compared to the proportion of stations that have disabled toilets (“NKS toilets”, after the Radar National Key Scheme) or no information about disabled toilets
  • stations that have step free access and are staffed but don’t have train ramps available
  • stations with temporarily broken lifts, and when the data on the station was last updated
  • staffed stations which don’t offer staff assistance to disabled people
  • stations with car parks but no Blue Badge spaces and/or no suitable drop off point for disabled people
  • stations with contradictory information, such as stating both “Step-free access coverage: No part of station” and “Both platforms are fully accessible from the street

And whatever else you like, really.

If there’s data you’d like that’s  in the spec but not in the spreadsheet, or you would like me to update the spreadsheet, drop me a line.

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